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Our Services

Cody's Tree Service can help you with any tree service or related need. As always, we offer free estimates. Please contact us to schedule your consultation.

Defensible Space

  • Can save your home or property from wildfire
  • Mandated by CA law
  • Firefighters love it!
  • Protect your investment

Defensible space work is some of the most common and most important work we do. The Lake Tahoe Basin is considered to have an extreme threat for potential wildfire. 

Limbing, Trimming, and Pruning

  • Protect your home
  • Removal of hazard limbs
  • Prevents branches from falling on your property

Simply stated, limbing, trimming, and pruning is the removal of branches and limbs from a tree. The most common reason for this would be to prevent the potential of falling branches. No job is to big or small for Cody's Tree Service.


  • Get rid of unwanted branches and debris
  • Create fresh wood chips
  • Clean and beautify your property

Our chippers are some of the biggest and best in the business. We can easily convert a pile of limbs/branches into usable wood chip. We can haul the chip away or leave it for your landscaping needs. 

Tree Removal

  • Can protect your home from hazard trees
  • Get rid of unwanted trees
  • Create open spaces

Tree removals are our specialty. Trees must be removed for a variety of reasons. Most tree removals in Lake Tahoe require a permit, which we can easily help you obtain.

Brush and Lot Clearing

  • Create open spaces
  • Prevent wildfire risk
  • Make your property beautiful
  • Prep for new construction

Brush and lot clearing is needed for the creation of open space for new construction, defensible space, or other reasons. We can and have worked on multiple acre projects. We can also remove individual bushes as well. 

Custom Milling
  • Dimensional​​ Lumber
  • Live edge slabs
  • Mantles and custom pieces

We have a mill and can cut custom boards to specific measurements. Boards for a variety of wood working projects.

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